AS-AIDS-2024-00001Efficacy and safety of bictegravir plus lenacapavir: 48-week outcomes in virologically suppressed people with HIV-1 on complex antiretroviral regimens at baselineOral abstract session with live Q&AAntiretroviral therapies and clinical issues in adults
AS-AIDS-2024-00159“Bluetoothing”: knowledge, attitudes and behaviour on unsafe drug injection behaviour and its risks to HIV transmission among adolescents and young people in ZimbabweOral abstract session with live Q&AKey populations and other vulnerable populations: Behavioural, social and cultural issues and contexts
AS-AIDS-2024-00822A pilot study assessing changes in cerebral function parameters in persons with insomnia switching integrase inhibitorsOral abstract session with live Q&ACo-morbidities and clinical complications of HIV and antiretroviral therapy
AS-AIDS-2024-01208Leading the way: indigenous communities successfully advancing HIV care outcomes post-pandemicOral abstract session with live Q&AIntegration of HIV services with other services, including sexual and reproductive health
AS-AIDS-2024-01395Exploring uncharted territories: understanding adolescent sexuality, gender, and HIV risk among refugee girls in Southwestern UgandaOral abstract session with live Q&ASexuality, gender, relationships and sexual cultures
AS-AIDS-2024-01564Bridging the divide and channelling support for parliamentarians to influence the repealing of “Bad” laws Africa, a case of the decriminalisation of HIV transmission in Zimbabwe 2022Oral abstract session with live Q&AHuman rights and responses to HIV
AS-AIDS-2024-01620Promoting access to HIV services among men-who-have-sex-with-men under a harsh environment in the wake of the anti-LGBTQ+ debate in GhanaOral abstract session with live Q&APolitical drivers and policy contexts of HIV
AS-AIDS-2024-01785Subcutaneous injections of cabotegravir + rilpivirine in virally suppressed adults with HIV-1: a substudy of the Phase 3 FLAIR studyOral abstract session with live Q&AAntiretroviral therapies and clinical issues in adults
AS-AIDS-2024-02159Consecutive analytical treatment interruption enhances CD8 T-cell functionality during virological controlOral abstract session with live Q&AHost immune responses
AS-AIDS-2024-02189Experimental macaque model of post-treatment SIV control presents distinct features of viral reservoirs in blood and tissues, the pVISCONTI studyOral abstract session with live Q&AUnderstanding and targeting persistent HIV reservoirs
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