Welcome to the Era of PrEP choice
Welcome to the era of PrEP choice, a pre-conference event held on 20 July 2024, will include dynamic sessions on the PrEP product introduction landscape, the transformative potential of PrEP choice, key programmatic considerations and early learnings from efforts to deliver PrEP choice around the world. The objectives include: - Provide an update on the PrEP product introduction landscape - Describe the transformative potential of offering clients a choice of PrEP products - Share early learnings from the first projects to offer the dapivirine vaginal ring and CAB-LA alongside oral PrEP - Offer practical guidance for expanding access to a multi-method HIV prevention market - Identify gaps around critical implementation questions and chart a path forward to answer those questions
Please join us at this pre-conference event to hear more about PrEP choice!