From dreams to reality: Achieving the global 10-10-10 HIV targets with and for key populations

The Global Commission on HIV and Law made groundbreaking recommendations in 2012 on enabling legal and policy environments to reduce HIV. This call for countries to outlaw discrimination, repeal punitive laws and enact protective laws for effective HIV responses is reflected in the 2021 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS, where countries committed to reach the 10-10-10 targets. This 3-part UNDP pre-conference session brings together a dynamic coalition: civil society organizations, people living with HIV and key populations, multilateral agencies, donors and other critical stakeholders will take stock of where we are and the road ahead. What skills, tactics and strategies are necessary - and have been successful - for effective advocacy on the pathway to law reform? How can international partners best accompany local action? Learn directly from key population leaders and organizations working to remove and/or mitigate human rights barriers to uncover a path to turn this dream to reality.